Sunday, 12 February 2012

Swish, swish, swish....

Well, maybe not quite swish, swish, swish....not yet. More of a grunt, groan, bang as our grandson Cade went skating for the first time this morning...hehehe! 
                                                Just woke up from a nap and ready to go.
Come on daddy!
Well long as grandpa carries me to the
rink I'll be ready LOL!
I don't think he was really impressed with the whole thing, but he did do well by the time he got off and was able to get about 10 feet on his own with his little support stand :)
LOL....don't let me fall daddy!
Daddy even tried bribing him with a LARGE hot chocolate if he went out one more time. We all had a good laugh when Cade said he wanted a small hot chocolate ROFL!!!

We all could have used some hot chocolate as it was on an outdoor rink and the winchill was around -20....brrrrrr!

I'm positive, with a wee bit more practice,  you'll be "swishing" around that rink in no time Cade :)

Grandma Loves you

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