Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes...

Yes, today is Pancake Tuesday...or Fat Tuesday as many people refer to it as.  And like every other year our Granddaughter's school was serving pancakes to the students for breakfast!
Our DIL had asked me last week if I could volunteer with her to cook them as they didn't have enough people to help. My answer...."of course I will!"

Now knowing what I know about both granddaughters and their aversion to boxed pancake mixes, and knowing that the school uses boxed pancake mix, this grandma made her own pancakes on the weekend, froze three for each of the girls, and brought them to school this morning so they could enjoy pancakes with everyone else....hehehe!

Our DIL just zapped them in the microwave and brought the girls their breakfast.  Of course the youngest, who is in Senior Kindergarten, was only supposed to get one as that's all the little kids get....she would not be happy.  Her mom gave her two of the three I had made for her and the class all groaned at the unfairness of it all LOL!

Her older sister, in grade two, shared one of hers with her friend who thought they were better than the boxed pancakes too....so all in all it was a great morning!

Mom brought Hailee into the "kitchen" to see me as I was cleaning up the mess I made and I got some hugs and kisses that were much needed as they were away for four days in Ottawa.

Don't worry....on our way out we stopped off at the senior Kindergarten class to see Hannah so I could get more hugs and kisses.  They're so easy to love...and that's why

Grandma loves you

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