Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ahhhhh.....Love at First Sight :)

Wow, what a few days we've had!  Hubby had a conference to attend in Toronto, and I always go along for some R & R...or at least I tell myself that LOL!  Today is no different than any other time we've gone away....I come home exhausted. Too much walking, too much food (which I didn't have to cook...ya!), not enough good sleep/rest on hotel mattresses. Whatever the reason, I'm zonked.
Ahhhh....Love at first sight!
What a great big brother Keelan will be :)
However this visit was a bit different.  Our youngest son and his wife gave us a new granddaughter last Sunday, the 22nd, and we went over to visit them yesterday once the conference was finished. Little Aislin Zilla was only 6 days old and seemed sooooo tiny :)  It's been 3 years since our last babies arrived in the family, so this was a very special day.
Will you just look at that girl!  She's already waving
and she's only a week old LOL!
We only stayed for a couple hours as we knew our DIL was tired from having an almost 3 year old running around and adjusting to a new baby in the house, a new baby in the house, as well as losing her grandmother early yesterday morning. She lived a great, long and very interesting life. We should all be so lucky to live until we're 93 :)

This grandma wasn't going to waste any minute of our time together though and I got to cuddle little Aislin for almost 2 hours!  She slept the whole time.  Mom and Dad said she is such a good baby, sleeps through anything and only cries when she's hungry or tired :)  Shouldn't we have all been this lucky? LOL! Let me tell you, her daddy had colic for the first 6 months of his life, so they'd better appreciate this little one's laid back nature....hehehe!
 See....I told you, a wonderful weekend :)
We won't get to see her for another month when we go down for big brother's 3rd birthday, so we'll have to watch her grow through lots of pictures and Skype. Thank heaven for Skype. Anyone who hasn't signed up with Skype yet, really should. It's free and you can talk for hours with friends, loved ones, even business associates. As Martha's a good thing :)
After our visit with Aislin, we drove a couple hours towards home to visit our middle son and his wife. After a delicious Japanese dinner we went back to their place and played cards, getting to bed after midnight.  Boy, it was hard getting up this morning. I am so looking forward to crawling into bed tonight.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. What grandma could ask for anything more? :) Welcome little Aislin!

Grandma loves you

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