Monday, 14 November 2011


This past weekend our Son, DIL and the 3 grandkids went to visit her brother/SIL/kids about 7 hours away.  So as quiet as our weekend was LOL, we did manage to get a few things done.

The phone rang at 8:30 this morning and everything was back to normal :)  Our DIL called and said she was going to town, so I figured I'd go along with her.  I really didn't need anything, but at this time of year, one never knows what you can come one more present for this one, then that means one each for the other two as well....hehehe!

Cade didn't want to sit in the shopping cart when we got to Toys R Us. What normal 3 year old would want to sit in a shopping cart when in the castle of all toy stores? Not any that I know!

Everything we walked past was "Mama...can you buy me this?" in the sweetest little boy voice any grandma would fall for :)  As mom went one way, Cade and I went another.  Suddenly he yelled "mama, mama....come here for a minute"!  His excitement was evident in the way he was urging me towards him with his hand.

When I started his way, he ran down an isle to the back of the store.  I knew exactly what he was going for LOL....the battery operated cars/trucks.  He does have a great jeep at home already, so he sure didn't need another, but he enjoyed a few minutes of getting into each one, steering, checking out the dashboards then moving on to the next.

I had my camera in my purse so took a picture of him in the first one.  Then I put it back in my purse.  Well, that wouldn't do.  As he got into each one he said "take picture mama" LOL!  So here's Cade, "shopping" :))


Grandma loves you

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