Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bend, twist, groan.....

Wow....I'm feeling the pain and I didn't even do anything LOL!  Last night was Hailee's 3rd dance class and I went to "spy" on her and see how she was doing.  I don't think I was ever able to get into the positions that these young girls were able to get into! Absolutely amazing.

They're preparing for their spring recital, so are wasting no time is learning the moves, bends and twists that will be on display for all the eager parents, grandparents, friends to be witness too in May.

Hailee just loves her class and we're all so happy. She's rather shy and this will be great for her to come out of her shell :))

This afternoon Grandpa went to school for a treasure hunt with Hailee and her class. He said it was a lot of fun :)  They sure are growing too fast for our liking. Before we know it they'll be graduating!

See you girls at swimming tonight!

Grandma loves you

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