Saturday, 3 September 2011

Happy Half Birthday To You....

Happy Half Birthday to you,
Happy Half Birthday dear Hannah,
Happy Half Birthday to you :)

Yes, another tradition this grandma started when our first granddaughter Hailee was born.  We just HAVE to celebrate their half birthdays. I mean really...does anyone need another excuse to have more cake? LOL!

I usually make just half a cake for these "special" occasions and decorate it, however in this instance, it's a Jello "Cake"...hehehe!  Hannah is really not into cake, if you can believe a five year old not liking cake, but she really loves jello.

Just look at that smile!
Someone is growing up waaaaay too
fast for my liking!
Not only is she at her halfway mark between being five and six today....and most definitely needed to have it celebrated with green jello and the half birthday song....but she is going into Kindergarten on Tuesday! As I said....growing up way too fast.  Hopefully she will always love to celebrate her half birthday though for many years to come :)

I must say, it didn't last long once we all got into it, and as you can see, Hannah made sure every last bit was gone LOL!
    Can we say yummy?
As it was raining today....rain on Labor Day weekend, imagine that LOL....and both our little Sparkles and her brother Mylo (who owns our son/DIL/GK's) were in the backyard playing during our visit, they were completely soaked/muddy from top to bottom...hehehe...kind of cute actually. They looked like they'd been living on the streets for months.

We have a "wild" back corner of the yard that has huge brush piles/trees and has been left to go wild for bird/small animals. There's a path all around the wild area that is just dark earth which equals mud when it rains.  We're going to get some wood chips soon to lay down in the hopes of keeping both dogs and kids clean!
Bare earth, running dogs, add a bit
of rain and it equals a big mess!
Hopefully the woodchips will be coming soon!
Anyway, I couldn't see sending Mylo home the way he was and Sparkles most certainly was NOT coming into the house looking like she did, so I thew both muddy little dogs in the tub and scrubbed/bathed/rinsed/conditioned each until they sparkled! Nothing smells as good as a dog freshly washed with Pantene shampoo LOL!

Once dry the little family packed up dog, kids and off they all went for various sleepovers tonight. One going to a friends, the other having a couple friends in for a sleepover...all such fun at that age.  This grandma and grandpa can now have a nice quiet evening :)  Well, not before grandma has a shower. Those dogs really do get a person wet while bathing them LOL!

Grandma loves you

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