Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Must Love Surprises....

As anyone who lives close to their grandkids knows, we must always be prepared for surprises LOL!  One never knows what the day will bring, so that's my excuse for not planning anything...except drs appointments of course.

Yesterday morning I drove to town for a few things and picked up some produce for our dear DIL as well.  When I stopped to drop it off, our DIL's little niece came running to the door and asked if she and Hannah (GD#2) could come to my house for a visit!  To say I was a bit shocked would be an understatement, but at the same time thought it would be fun.  She is 3 days younger than our Hannah, and a real sweetheart, but this was the first time she asked directly to come over for a visit! 

I figured two of them together is better than only as she went running to the bedroom to ask Hannah if she wanted to come (just guess what Hannah's answer was) our little GS Cade started crying and fussing, grabbing mom's leg and sobbing "I want to go to Mama's house...I want to go to Mama's house"....Mama is what he calls me, and Bumpa is what he calls Grandpa...too cute. I hope he keeps it up :)

Anyway, I can only fit two booster seats in our back seat, so our DIL's wonderful dad (Pepere to the GK's) drove Cade over in another vehicle, and I took both girls.  I threw out a crazy question about what the girls wanted for lunch, as the unanimous, and only, reply was "Kraft Dinner"...a delicacy as far as Hannah is concerned, and she will take any opportunity to have it as it's VERY seldom served at home LOL!

The kids were very happy with two bowls each and then Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen (which grandpa always has on hand in our freezer) for dessert.  Our DIL said she would pick them up at 2:30 so we went outside to pet the goldfish in one of my backyard ponds...but not before the girls decided to refill the dog's little pool, then get in themselves to soak their feet LOL!  Cade decided he had to cool off as well so went in with his long pants, which got soaked but dried quickly in the breeze.

When our DIL arrived with our oldest GD and her best friend, they figured they should get their feet wet as well LOL!  Oh to be young again and see things from a completely different perspective than grandma, who knew the water was way too cold for her own arthritic feet...but sure had fun as I enjoyed hearing the ohhh's and ahhhh's of shivering grandkids, cousins and friends as they sat around that tiny dog pool and soaked their feet :)

Grandma Loves You

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