Friday, 19 August 2011

Almost School Time......

At the beginning of the summer I told our two GD's that Grandpa and I would take them, each by themselves, for a sleepover and dinner out before they went back to school.  Well, with only two weeks to go, and a very busy summer behind us, I figured we'd better make good on that promise.  So, this past Wednesday was to be Hailee's day/night with us, then her younger sister Hannah was to have yesterday and last night.
                                          Again...ignore the date. These pics were all taken
this July on our way to our son's wedding!

In the back of my mind I knew Hannah wouldn't take too well to having Hailee here by herself, especially when she was supposed to stay with Memere (DIL's mom), but Memere was camping all week and wasn't coming home until yesterday. Something we didn't know until after our sleepover plans were already made.

The waterworks started with Hannah so I took Hailee into the bedroom to try and reason with her about letting Hannah share her day/night with her, and then instead of Hannah staying here on Thursday, Hailee could have two sleepovers, last night being alone.  That didn't go over very well either, but she finally agreed after mom talked to her too. We told her she was being very nice for sharing her night, and she worked it for all it's worth LOL!

Once mom left we all went to the Dollar Store for a whole bunch of stuff, especially things to paint. They do love to create with paint...boxes, canvasses, the kitchen table and themselves LOL! 

June 2009
For supper we went out to a local Italian restaurant and they both ate really well....knowing full well that ice cream came with each child's meal LOL! I wish adults could order children's meal...they were huge, and cheap...and no one is going to complain about getting a huge bowl of vanilla ice cream delivered to their table after they eat. At least I sure wouldn't LOL!

After bathtime we watched a movie...Matilda....and I had to comfort Hailee throughout the start of the movie as she doesn't like any kind of "violence, anger" etc in movies....and especially NO blood. I assured her that it had a very happy ending and she that there was NO blood in the whole movie. She has a very vivid imagination and easily gets nightmares when she sees things that upset her.  Hannah on the others hand will watch anything...Harry Potter, name it she loves it, no problems with dreams for that little one!

Bedtime was shared between Grandpa and myself.  Hailee slept with Grandpa and Hannah slept with me. It's so nice to have them sleepover now that they're older....they sleep through the night, so that means Gpa and I sleep through the night as well....and sleep we do! We've had many, many sleepless sleepovers in the last 7 years, but it's all good and has been more than worth it :)

There's nothing like having the warm body of a little child snuggled into your back all night long...oh, and we can't forget that both people only have half the bed because an 11 pound little dog, Sparkles, wouldn't share her half of the bed LOL!

Hailee went home for a couple hours yesterday morning so I could shower and get ready to head to town with her.  When I picked her up at 1:00, poor little Hannah got all upset and started to cry, reaching out for broke my heart :(  But I knew she was going to spend the night with her other grandmother, so that eased my heart.....a tiny bit :)

As soon as we got into the car, Hailee said "grandma....I didn't have lunch you know" LOL!  Well, I hadn't eaten lunch either so asked her where she wanted to go....she's VERY fussy, so it's difficult to take her out to eat.  She wanted Subway so that's where we went first.  As we pulled into the parking lot at Subway, I hear Hailee in the back seat yelling..."grandma, there's a Bitter Bills"...a local ice cream shop.  So much for teaching kids to read....hehehe....she can read anything now!  I promised that if she ate her whole sub, she could have dessert....and low and behold, that's what we ended up doing.  The little stinker ate every crumb of her sub! 

After a couple 'taste tests' of various ice creams, she decided on Birthday Cake...and it really did taste like cake with icing on it! They can make just about anything these days. There was a time that you actually had to bake and decorate a cake to get that taste LOL!

She was supposed to sleep with me last night, but she chose to sleep with Grandpa for a second night. She LOVES to talk before she falls asleep (and usually does fall asleep halfway through a sentence) and she and grandpa have great talks. He has a sense of humor that she enjoys, and having been a teacher for almost 30 years, he loves to hear her stories....even when she tells huge stories and then says "it wasn't fake you know. It really happened!" LOL!

Next weekend our son and DIL are in a golf tournament and we were supposed to have all 3 kids for the weekend.  As it turns out Hailee has been invited to her BFF's house for the weekend, so we'll have Hannah and Cade.  Hannah will be happy as she and I can do something special, seeing as we didn't get a chance too this week....and Cade....well Cade is obsessed with his grandpa, so they won't have any problems killing time and keeping busy for 3 days :)

Tomorrow I'm heading to Toronto for a couple days with our DIL, her mom, and their good friend Carole. I don't need to shop for anything but I'm sure I'll be able to find a few outfits for the GD's to wear to school, and perhaps a surprise or two for little Cade :)  It will be nice to get away for a night and eat meals that I haven't had to cook!  Grandpa laughed this morning and said he was leaving today and not coming home until Monday LOL...knowing full well that at some point our son will be here over the weekend with all 3 kids!  Men....they can be great fathers, but they can't take a mother's place LOL!

So girls/Cade, grandma will see you on Sunday when we get back.  Be good for daddy and Grandpa. Don't give them too rough a time....hehehe!

Grandma loves you

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